Halloween is almost here and this year I have three little kiddos to dress up!  Our Yorkie is a Toto look-a-like and now that he is ten he's chilled out enough to play the part like a pro.  So this year the kids are going full out Wizard of Oz with their Chasing Fireflies costumes. wizard of oz costumes

Ellie has wanted to be Dorothy for years but then always talks herself out of it at the last minute for some reason.  But this year she got her little sis on board as Glinda the Good and we decided Will would be the most adorable Cowardly Lion and ta-da!

Ellie's long, brown, wavy hair is perfect for the part of our favorite girl from Kansas.  You can shop the Dorothy Wizard of Oz costume here.  Or a more glittery version is available here.

dorothy and toto

dorothy costume

dorothy costume from chasing fireflies

dorothy costume for kids

Madeline is the happiest, sweetest little girly girl so Glinda was a perfect fit for her.  Plus her favorite color is pink and anything that sparkles is a bonus.  Shop the Glinda the Good Witch costume here.

glinda girls costume

chasing fireflies glinda costume

glinda chasing fireflies costume

glinda the good witch costume

Will is our little Cowardly Lion.  Living in the Midwest we know trick-or-treating can get really chilly.  His lion costume is a super soft fleece and perfect for a night out with the ghosts and goblins. Could he be any cuter?  Shop the baby lion costume here.

baby lion costume

baby lion costume

chasing fireflies lion costume

And here they are, my three littles who are ready to go off to see the Wizard.  Or at least follow the concrete sidewalk to fill their baskets with lots of treats.

As always, our Chasing Fireflies costumes are high quality and will long last past October 31st for dress-up at playdates or just because they fell like clicking their heels and transporting themselves to Oz.

What will your kids be for Halloween this year?

Thanks to Chasing Fireflies for providing costumes for this review.  All opinions are honest and my own.