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Obviously there are exceptions like family photos outdoors in the snow.  But if you are at home or in the studio and are looking for crisp, pure photos of your beautiful babe, keep it simple in just a diaper or diaper cover.  Baby girls can add a simple headband or clip for a more girly feel.

Often babies under one are wearing so many clothes that they get in the way.  They look stuffed under layers and layers or collars are covering adorable, chubby cheeks.  In the above photos, my sweet baby boy is wearing a plain white diaper from Honest Company.  They are great for milestone photo shoots and also summer months when babies are wearing light colors and you would rather not have polka dots or Sesame Street characters showing through their clothes.

Our big guy is now talking like crazy - we swear we heard him say 'oh, hi!' the other day.  He is crawling backwards, opening cabinets and showing off his big personality.  He melts all of our hearts daily.

If you're planning a family photo session and aren't sure what to wear, TLSF Styling Services can help!  Send an email to for rates and availability.  

Photos by Gina Cristine Photography.