Its that time of year when you are flooded with toy commercials and catalogs. My five year old son spent 30 minutes yesterday circling his favorite toys and that means he ended up circling almost everything in the catalog! It can be overwhelming for kids to choose what they want to put on their Christmas list. As a mom it is just as hard to decided what Santa should put under the Christmas tree. I want my kids to receive toys that will have longevity.

My kids both play games on our iPad's but we they don't have a game system. We are big fans of LeapFrog in our house and I was excited to see that they designed LeapTV for kids 3-8 years old. The game system is all about getting the kids active while teaching core skills in a variety of subjects like reading, math science and even problem solving.

My husband set the LeapTV up in our playroom for the kids. Once it was ready to go it was super easy for the kids to use it. The kids both think the motion sensing camera is cool. Mia is eight years old and has been enjoying the dance  and learn games. You can play solo or with several friends! The other day, Dylan invited 2 of his friends to check it out after school. Watching the boys play the LeapTV made me fast forward about ten years when they are teenagers!

Dylan has already circled a few LeapTV games that he would like Santa to bring him. I like that the library of 9 cartridge games are LeapFrog educator approved games. Combining educational and fun together make this mom happy!


 Disclosure: I was provided with a LeapTV from MommyParties. My thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.