Since we live in the Midwest, winter can be brutal, forcing my little ones and I to stay inside for days at a time. When I shop for toys for the holidays, I have my eye on items that provide hours of indoor entertainment. This year, Santa made a stop at Ross for the best toys at unbeatable prices. Surprise! Toys from Ross! #RossGifts

Gifts That Bring Back Memories

I distinctly remember my first Cabbage Patch Kid. She had adorable dimples, blonde braided pigtails, and her name was Elizabeth. The first year Cabbage Patch Kids came out, my mom was determined to get one for my sister and I. Since I grew up in a smaller town, there was no way she could find one on the shelves of the local toy store. My mom asked my aunt, who lived in San Diego, to source them and ship the dolls to our home in Michigan. That Cabbage Patch Kid has been with me for almost thirty years, and I can still remember the feeling of excitement sheer joy when I unwrapped her on Christmas Day.

Baby's First Doll #RossGifts

This year, I bought a doll from Ross for my daughter- her first doll (pictured above)! I am so excited to watch her care for and love her just like I did. In future years, I can teach Charlotte to make clothes for her doll just like my mom and grandma taught me. I can still remember sitting next to my grandma, watching her crochet clothes for my dolls, with bags of yarn surrounding her. What a wonderful tradition to pass down from generation to generation. Here is a photo of my doll (on the left) and Charlotte's new doll!

#RossGifts Dolls- mom and daughter

Gifts That Educate

It is amazing how much kids can learn through play. Watching your child discover a new skill or figure out how to put together a puzzle is a true gift. I bought my daughter a cookie counting toy to help her with both hand eye coordination and number recognition. We were on a play date when my gal discovered this toy at a friend's house. I had no clue where to purchase it, so was thrilled to find it on the shelves at Ross!

Cookie Jar Educational Toy #RossGifts

This year, I plan to put the cookies on the plate for Santa! We can practice counting cookies until Christmas Eve, then put them on the plate next to the ones we make at our annual cookie decorating party.

Cookies for Santa #RossGifts

Gifts That Put a Smile on Their Face

My son loves cars. He sleeps in a racecar bed with car sheets, blankets and pillow. The decorations on his walls? Vintage car signs. The t-shirt of choice most days? You guessed it- anything with a car on it. I found a remote control Lamborghini for less than $20 at Ross! I know my son will have a blast setting up obstacle courses and driving it through tunnels made from boxes and blankets. I also found a pullback racer on the clearance rack at Ross. At $2.99, this was a steal for a toy from his favorite movie of all time- I KNOW it will put a huge smile on his face!

Remote Control Car #RossGifts

Here are a few other ideas for indoor gifts for the kids, and I found all of them at Ross:

Art Easel: purchase this and stock it with construction paper, paint, brushes, crayons, markers, glue, glitter, stencils, and a colored pencil kit!

Play Kitchen: open up a "restaurant" with your little one and have them make meals for your family

Bowling Set: Make your entryway into a bowling alley if you have wood floors! Make popcorn, serve root beer, and wear special shoes decorated to look like bowling shoes

Pet Grooming Station: Have everyone in the family bring their favorite stuffed pet to the grooming station. Stock it with bows, ribbons and barrettes to make your pets look their best!

Musical Instruments: Buy a toy guitar, tambourine, drum, and harmonica- let everyone in the family have their own instrument! Put together a band with a name, costumes and an easy song to play.

Make sure to enter the Season of Savings giveaway on the Ross Facebook page! Check it out for this week's challenge- HINT: It has to do with toys! You can also upload your best toy or gift finds to your Instagram account and add the hashtag #RossGifts to enter.

What toys are you planning on purchasing for your little ones this year?


Disclosure: I was provided with gift cards to purchase items for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.