As we continue our subscription box roundup, make sure to consider these kits as a holiday gift idea! It is truly the gift that keeps on giving- many sites have 1, 3 or 6 month options for gifting!


Ivy Kids

"Our goal is to provide monthly resources and tools to parents and caregivers looking to have more meaningful learning experiences with their children."

Price: $38.95/month; save money by purchasing multiple months at a time

Gift Option: Yes

Age Range: 3-8

Includes: A classic children's book along with over 10 activities related to the book and detailed instructions to scaffold learning. Also included with 6 month subscription- a personalized item for your child.

Ivy Kids Kit Subscription Box

Review: As a former teacher, I was blown away by the activities included which all corresponded with the book! This particular kit included "Caps for Sale,"  a cute story about a peddler whose caps are stolen by monkeys in a tree. The kit didn't just include crafts- it also had activities that encouraged counting, sorting, and other important math concepts in such a fun and creative way. In fact, while I was writing this review, my 3 year old saw the photo of himself play the "Get Back the Caps" game and asked to play again! The instructions for each activity include ways to scale depending upon age and ability level. There are also questions to scaffold learning- Ivy Kids make it incredibly easy to think of all those ways to increase participation and education in a genuinely enjoyable and interesting way.


It also details the learning goals and developing skills that each activity revolves around. Connecting reading with other areas of learning is such an incredible way to encourage kids to learn! I told my son's pre-school teacher about this kit and am lending it to his class to use as a segment in the spring. These are games and activities that can, for the most part, be reused again and again at different age levels. This is going on my son's Christmas list this year- two very enthusiastic thumbs up!


Disclosure: I was provided with an Ivy Kids box for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.