Every holiday season as the kids get older we try to create fun crafts to commemorate the year.  We started out years ago making hand print Christmas trees and have upgraded to ornaments and yarn trees.  This year we are teaming up with Elmer's Painters® Paint Markers and sharing three fun family crafts you can do with your kids this holiday season.

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1. Personalize a Picture Frame

Instead of exchanging gifts with cousins this year, we brought the girls to have manicures and share the experience together.  They had the best day and there might even be a tiny bit of turquoise sparkly nail polish on a five year old's fingers.  Even though we said the experience would be the gift, my oldest daughter thought printing a picture and framing it would be a great touch to give her cousin at Christmas. elmers 3.jpg


Using the Elmer's Painters® Paint Markers, she decorated a metal frame in pink and black with her cousin's name and can't wait to give it to her over winter break!

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Using Elmer's Painters® Paint Markers makes 'painting' easy for the kids.  She wouldn't have been able to control a paintbrush as easily and this cute memento could have turned out not so pretty.

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2. Personalize Ornaments

This was a big year in our family!  Not only did we get a new house but we also got a new baby!  To create personalized ornaments just purchase a box of glass ornaments at your local craft or big box store.  Once you have your clear glass ornaments and Elmer's Painters® Paint Markers there are a couple of different directions you can go.

The first way to personalize could be to insert a picture into the ornament and then use your Elmer's Painters® Paint Markers to write names and/or dates on the ornament.



Another way to personalize ornaments this holiday season is to write your child's name (or have them write their own name) in the center of the ornament.  Then discuss what design they would like to create and hand over the Elmer's Painters® Paint Markers and let them go to town.  Older children might have gorgeous creations while the younger children might just have a collection of colorful scribbles.  Either way it will be something to treasure on your tree!

The third way to personalize the glass ornament is to fill it with glitter, cut paper, or anything small and then have your older child write your last name and the year on the ornament.

Mom tip:  use the plastic tray the ornaments came in for decorating!  It's a safe and easy way to keep the ornaments from rolling or breaking.


3.  Personalize a Banner

Banners are still on trend this holiday season.  Craft stores have blank banners made of different materials available for cheap that you can personalize with your favorite holiday word or family name.  We used a burlap banner and our black Elmer's Painters® Paint Marker to design a Believe banner.  It was fast and easy and makes our holiday mantel a little more special.



No matter what holiday crafts you are doing with your family, be sure to have the Elmer's Painters® Paint Markers on hand for easy and mess free crafting!

Do you have any holiday crafts you'd like to share?  Leave a comment below!

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