My little one just turned a year old (eek!!) and she grows out of her clothes in approximately two weeks at this stage. Since I had a son first, I didn't have the opportunity to buy all the cute dresses I drooled over. Now that I have Charlotte, I have someone to wear them but quickly realized that my budget didn't include purchasing new outfits every two weeks! I started shopping at Savers for her, and it has made a huge difference in the amount of adorable outfits I can afford. Some of the brands I have found there include Gap Kids, Janie & Jack and Crew Cuts, all for a fraction of the price that I would have paid originally. The clothing I found has always been in excellent condition! I also love purchasing winter accessories for the kids- hats and mittens, which my little ones lose on the daily.

Here are some holiday looks that I put together for Charlotte this year. Most pieces were under $5 each- no breaking the bank, but (although I am biased) I think she looks adorable!

Holiday Style for the Little Ones from Savers!

This red wool dress is Janie & Jack that I picked up at Savers- it kept her warm and cozy when we went to the holiday parade!

Red Plaid Dress from Savers

Plaid is on trend right now, and adding a black ruffled cardigan brings it into the winter weather we are having.

White Faux Fur Vest from Savers

How about this ADORABLE faux fur vest? Yep, under $5 at Savers.

Holiday Dress from Savers

This fancy frock is originally from Gap Kids, but I found it at Savers for a lot less!

Now it is my turn!

I need a few new key pieces for the winter. I headed to Savers with a mental list of what I wanted- a new dress coat, warm winter hats, possibly a dress or unique shoes for the holidays.

Fur Coat for the Chilly Winter Months from Savers

Take a look at the coat I found! I recently wore it to the playCHIC Fashion Show and had many of my fellow fashion bloggers admiring (and petting) my new acquisition. My theory is if you life in a cold weather climate, your coat should be your biggest investment. This is a classic piece that I will keep and hand down to my daughter and regale her with tales of my wild nights on the town (that usually end at 10pm at this point in my life).

Hats from Savers- Fabulous Fashion for Less!

A winter hat, in my world, needs to provide both form and function without totally crushing my holiday hair that I worked for way too long on while simultaneously shaking a rattle with my foot to Charlotte and singing Jingle Bells over and over to Bryson. How do you like the three that I found, two of them were a DOLLAR?

DIY Fancy Hat from Savers

Want an easy hat DIY project for under $10? Purchase a felt or wool hat, a coordinating men's tie, and a pair of earrings. Wrap the skinny part of the tie around the band area of the hat and affix with hot glue. Break the back post off the earring and use hot glue to affix it to the hat. Voila! You just gave an old hat a new trick ;)

What pieces are you searching for in your holiday bargain hunt? Make sure to head to Savers this holiday season for all your style needs!

Disclosure: I was provided with gift certificates to Savers for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.