One of my morning routines is to watch the Today show. I don't always get to watch a lot of it (because I am getting the kids ready and multi tasking) but its always on in the background. When I watched the segment on the new Dove campaign #curlpower this morning, it really resonated with me. I was born with naturally wavy hair but when I hit puberty (yes its true) my hair got really curly. In high school I was known for my curls but by the time I got to college, I hated my curls. I think the main reason I hated my curls was because  the majority of girls around me had straight hair. I wanted to blend in and not stand out. I did everything in my power to make it straight. A rocked a short bob hair style that I had to straighten with a hair dryer and then use a curling iron (before flat irons were around). Let's be honest it wasn't the best year's of hair for me.


In my twenties I gave in and embraced my curly hair. I searched out a hair stylist that knew how to cut curly hair the right way and that made the biggest difference in the world for me! You may see me with a blow out every few years but that is a very rare occasion. I am very comfortable with my curls now and it is a big part of who I am.


My daughter has wavy hair. She has mentioned to me that she wishes she had straight hair. I am trying to teach her to love her gorgeous locks because she need to embrace what god gave you. Its our jobs as moms to teach and show our girls that we can love who we are and what was given to us, whether it be our hair or the size of our body.

I do get questions about what products I use on my hair. I won't lie that it takes a village to tame my mane! I cannot live without conditioner. It is my #1 product that I cannot live without.  I would skip washing my hair if I didn't have any conditioner.  I always use mouse, hair serum, an oil and hair spray. One of my favorite products is Bed Head Control Freak. It helps define my curls while still leaving them soft.


To make sure my hair is not a frizz mess when I leave the house I use a drop of Dove Pure Care Oil. It is a must have to keep my hair looking shiny.  My hair is super thick and can dry out easily because of this I wash my hair every other day.

Do you or your daughter embrace your curls? Share your photos with us on facebook and on instagram with hashtag #TLSFlovescurls. Show off your curls to the today show with hashtagss #curlpower and #todayshow on both instagram and twittter.