Valentine’s Day is closing in and what better time to give yourself or your little one (or both!) a little Valentine’s Day treat!


1)     Dolce Vita 'Pavari' Pointy Toe Flats - These gold flats are adorable and perfect for a busy mama whose running around chasing little ones.  You’ll look stylish but you won’t be tripping over your high heels!


2)     Love Name Plate Necklace by Three Sisters Jewlry - This Love necklace will remind you of how much you love your family, friends and yourself of course!  What better way to spread love then to wear love!


3)     Set of 4 Blank Note Cards by Party Happier - Email is great but I’m still a huge fan of note cards and writing little notes to people I care about.  These note cards are adorable especially with the matching envelopes.


4)     Mermaid Perfume Body Oil - Layer your body with LOVE oil and you’ll feel LOVE-ly all day!


5)     Mini Boden Sweet Knitted Dress -I can’t get over how adorable this little dress is.  Any little girl will look delicious in this!


6)     Cut Lace Vanity Tray - This sweet scalloped tray is perfect for make up, jewelery, or for your daughter to use her for little things.


7)     Herman Hammerhead Monster Toy for Dogs (or kids!!) - Me want monster!!!  I love this little guy with his little heart antennas.  What doggie or come on, little boy or girl, wouldn’t love him too?


8)     Heart + Stars Mini Garland Kit - Decorate your home a little with this adorable garland.  It would also be perfect for a child’s bedroom!