As you may know, I'm a mom of three - an almost 8 year old, five year old and 11 month old.  It's nearly impossible to find a place for all three to play.  Some are too babyish for the big girls, others are pretty much a death trap for the baby.  You can imagine how excited we were when we found out that Little Beans Cafe was opening a new location in Evanston for ages 0-12!

The new Little Beans Evanston is 14,500 square feet of fun for all kids.  There is a space for crawlers and the imaginative play area for kids up to 6 that Little Beans is known for, the Evanston location has a camp theme.

Then there is the space for older kids that's like a ninja training ground.  My girls LOVED this.  It's Madeline's mission in life to be a ninja.  There are fun obstacles and the kids definitely got a work out!

Adjacent to the ninja training course is a gym with basketball hoop and then a separate sound proof karaoke lounge.  With a stage.  Amazing.  There is also a classroom where they'll be bringing in different teachers to do dance, gymnastics, karate, etc.

Psychobaby has a pop up shop inside filled with their signature fun shirts, onesies and great gifts.

And it's just not a party until Elsa and Anna show up!  The girls were thrilled to see these sisters and even got their autographs.  You know they went to the karaoke lounge and did a rendition of Let It Go that knocked everyone's socks off and made the dreams of every little girl there come true.  You can see it on our Instagram feed here.

Oh, and the Cafe is serving Inteligensia coffee and filled with breakfast and lunch items for everyone.  We could not love the new Little Beans Cafe in Evanston more.  For information on location and hours, check out their website

Thanks to Little Beans for having us at the preview day!