Thanks to Clearblue for sponsoring today's discussion.  Finding out you're pregnant with your third is no different than finding out you're pregnant with your first.  Each time I took a test and saw a positive sign I was elated and then thought OMG WHAT ARE WE DOING?!?!? The first time we decided we would just give it a go.  We had been married a couple of years and were ready for the next adventure.  We walked to the pharmacy, bought the test, went back to our 'cozy' condo and then saw the results. After the shock wore off, we spent the rest of the nine months getting ready to be first time parents.  There was nothing that could prepare us for the love and joy when we first held our baby girl. We wanted our kids to be close, we decided 2.5 years would be the perfect age gap.  Meanwhile, Ellie was talking, getting ready to be potty trained and sleeping through the night.  I took a test again and we were thrilled.  Then the OMG WHAT ARE WE DOING?!?!? sank in again.  It was finally getting easy!  Were we ready to not sleep again? Nine months later Madeline was born and we fell in love all over again.  So different from her big sister, she was the easiest baby.  All of our friends said they wanted a Baby Madeline. Then I had this feeling that our family wasn't complete.  We were missing someone.  After a little convincing Ryan agreed and we decided to see what would happen.  When I took the test we were so excited and then still had that feeling of what have we done.  When Will was born we knew our family was complete.  We couldn't imagine life without him.  He's sweet and funny and these past 11 months have flown by.

As technology has changed with baby photography - no digital images given with my first! - so has it changed with pregnancy tests.  The Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator is an over-the-counter urine hCG test which is intended for the detection of pregnancy. The test detects hCG in some cases from 4 days before the expected period (which is 5 days before the day of the missed period).  The test is intended for in home use only and does not replace regular doctor's care.

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This is a sponsored post, all opinions are honest and my own.