I used to never wear scarves- I thought the only way you could wear then was to let the ends dangle messily and hope they didn't fall off or accidentally fall into your entree. My, my was I wrong- scarves can totally tie an outfit together, add a much-needed pop of color, and even cover up some wardrobe malfunctions (I always have one handy in my car for this very reason). Here are my five ways to refresh your scarf stash, or mix it up with a springy new print! Moon Cats, a fashion accessories brand that I recently discovered, is available exclusively online at MoonCats.com. If you know how I shop, I like to get the most for my money, and most of the scarves on Moon Cats are under $40, and shipping to the USA is free for orders over $50. Want an even better deal? Exclusively for our readers, you can use the code STYLEFILE30OFF for 30% off on all of the scarves!

They generously supplied one of their new spring lightweight styles, Cotton Candy, for this post. I love the weight of the scarf, the subtle pretty pastel pink design, and the length- great for styling!

1. Pin It

I learned this style from fellow blogger Economy of Style- I saw how she pinned a scarf with a vintage brooch on her Black Out post, and it was a light bulb moment! (Make sure to check out her blog- she does accessible fashion SO incredibly well).  First, tie your scarf into an "oversize cowboy". Do this by wrapping the scarf once around your neck, leaving one end longer than the other. Take an edge of the longer end and fan it out, tucking it into the other side near your neck.

Next, grab your favorite brooch- I adore the vintage ones my grandma left me. There are also hundreds available on Etsy and eBay.  

Tip- If you use the word "vintage brooch" in the search as opposed to "pin" you will hit the jackpot.

Simply pin it near your shoulder or over your heart! If your scarf is thin and your brooch is heavy, pin it through your shirt as well.


Here are some gorgeous vintage brooch options that have recently been on Etsy!


2. Bow

One of my favorite types of blouses are the tie neck ones, so why not re-create this look with a scarf? I would pair this scarf with a white silk t-shirt and cute black pixie pants. You simply tie a bow with the scarf, centering the knot around armpit length. You could also tie the bow tight to your neck and twist the bow so it doesn't look like a bow tie. For a tutorial, check out this post.

3. Headband

Ok, ok, so this might not be up your alley, but bear with me here. In the spring, when the rain comes and goes as quickly as fashion trends, this is a great option. Twist the middle of the scarf, wrap it around your head and knot it at the nape. You can also then roll your hair up into a bun and wrap the scarf around it, tucking it in to hide the ends.

4. Shawl

I remember I went to an event once and was wearing a spaghetti strap dress, and EVERYONE else (hundreds of people) were in business casual. Luckily, I had a scarf and I knotted it in the center of my back to automatically create a shawl. Problem solved.

5. Belted

I just bought this adorable silver adjustable belt, and thought it would be perfect to belt over a scarf and t-shirt! Simply fold drape your scarf evenly around your neck, spread out to one layer, and belt at your natural waist. You can also drape it around your shoulders cape-style and belt it for less bulk. This can be such a great look for spring, and a way to introduce your warm-weather dresses to the temperamental temperatures that spring can bring.

How do you style your scarves for the spring? Any favorite prints?

Disclosure: I was provided with a scarf for review purposes by Moon Cats; all opinions are honest and my own.