There is a famous quote by an unknown author that describes life with small children as "the days are long but the years are short."  That never seems more true than looking back on your baby's first year.  With all of the kids I've taken monthly pictures.  Some months it might be a day (or few) late but I love looking back to see how each baby has grown and changed.  You can see physical milestones but also how their little personality develops so clearly.

Here is Will's first year in monthsies,,,

month stickers

monthly stickers for baby

baby month by month


When we were putting together Will's birthday banner we couldn't believe how tiny he looked at one month.  And how much black hair he had!  It would all fall out over the summer and light brown, now growing in blond hair would begin to grow in in its place.  And now he's walking all over the place and we can't remember life without him!

How do you capture your baby's first year?