Most of the parents I know have a hate-hate relationship with birthday party favors.  They hate to buy them and they hate their kids coming home with a bag full of junk.  We've started going for quality over quantity and were so happy to find Psychobaby's line of personalized gifts.

Some personalized birthday party favors might take a little planning like texting the parents for a shoe size or t-shirt size.  But spending $10 or less on a super cute item the kids will use over and over is about the same I would spend filling a party favor bag up with dollar store finds.  Here are a few of the personalized birthday party favors from Psychobaby that we love.

Personalized placemats in a variety of themes are perfect for the toddler set.

personalized birthday party favors

Personalized Dog Tag Necklaces are great for tweens.

birthday party favors for kids

T-Shirt Party Packs can turn any gathering into a rockin' good time.

Personalized Flip Flops are the perfect favor for a pool or beach party!

Pillowcases are the perfect sleepover party favor.

kids birthday party favors

These cute little Coin Purses work for any age.  Every kid loves filling up a bag.  It's like in their DNA.

For Will's first One Rocks! birthday party, we set up a merchandise booth like you would find at a concert and displayed the guests' Psychobaby "I Am A Rockstar" tees.  It was a fun way to add the concert vibe and display the party favors.

Our guests wore their rockstar tees at the party and had a blast!

Do you give birthday party favors at your kids' parties?

Thanks to Psychobaby for the rockstar tees and bib for Will's birthday party!