Since Mia was very young, I have tried to encourage her  to try any activity or sport that she is interested in. I didn't ever want her to be afraid to try a sport because that happened to me. She always has loved dance and gymnastics but we wanted her to give soccer another try. When she first started playing soccer on a team when she was 7 she didn't love it and she didn't hate it. She was afraid of the ball and wasn't aggressive. Both my husband, myself along with her coaches,  encouraged her not to give up. She now plays on a U10 team and loves the game! She plays several different positions and loves each one for different reasons. She loves being part of a team,  looks forward to practice and games, when or lose!

Today, more than 12.5 million American girls are overweight or obese. Millions more are physically inactive and missing out on sports which have been shown to contribute to higher test scores, less risky behaviors, increased likelihood of college attendance, higher earnings potential and reduced risk of chronic disease. nonprofit organization committed to raising awareness about the importance of physical activity in the lives of girls—especially in the Deep South where obesity rates are highest. Their mission is to inspire girls everywhere to live happier and healthier by promoting physical activity as a path to lifelong success.

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How does your family stay active?

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