Compensation for this post is provided by The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago via Mode Media. #msichicago #MSIrobot For the past few summers, my family and I have made a "summer fun list.  It is a fun way to keep track of everything we want to do this summer. We planned to do some of the more touristy things that Chicago has to offer. On the top of the kids summer fun list was the Museum of Science and Industry.

I have not been to MSI since I was visiting Chicago from Indianapolis in 5th grade. MSI is one of the largest science museums in the world. When the kids walked through the doors they couldn't believe their eyes!

Dylan loves Robots and was beyond excited to check out the world premiere Robot Revolution exhibit supported by  Having the rare chance to see robots up close and personal was very cool. We loved watching the soccer playing robots.

My kids loved playing tic-tac-toe and how cool is it they were able to play against a Robot?

Interacting and testing out various robots and figuring out how they work was fascinating for both the kids and me.

If you have a robot loving kid, Robot Revolution is a must see exhibit. It is a one of a kind of experience that everyone of all ages will like to experience. You can purchase your tickets here.

The Museum of Science and Industry ], one of the largest science museums in the world, offers world-class and uniquely interactive experiences that inspire the inventive genius in everyone and foster curiosity. Visit MSI on Facebook to learn more about MSI's groundbreaking exhibits that can’t be found anywhere else and hands-on opportunities that make you the scientist.