Back to school shopping is happening in our family!  Sixteen days to go until the big first day.  While we hold off a little bit on shopping for fall clothes, we are busy getting everything ready for a perfect first day.

If you're a longtime reader of The Little Style File, you'll know that in Pre-K Ellie was diagnosed as far sighted with an astigmatism.  After wearing glasses for the end of Pre-K, Kindergarten and the first part of 1st grade, her vision improved and she didn't need glasses anymore.  Unfortunately at this last eye exam, her far sightedness corrected itself but it made the astigmatism worse.  So here we are, Ellie entering 3rd grade in a few weeks and added eye glasses to our back to school shopping list.

When you learn that your child needs glasses, your initial reaction is to walk out of the exam room and buy a pair of glasses.  Right that second.  It's a combo of guilt and wanting to fix things and it can lead to paying a whole lot more money than you really need to.  One of the best back to school sales happens every August at JC Penney.  JC Penney has kids eyeglasses for $29.99.  I know!  $29.99!  It includes frames up to $120 and kid proof lenses along with a one year warranty.  If the frames you pick are over $120, you just pay the difference.  It's the best back to school deal around!

Here's a peak into our back to school shopping trip for kids eyeglasses.

Ellie had two requirements for her new glasses :  style and comfort.  She wants to look good and feel good and who can blame her?  She does not like the glasses with those little nose pads so she went straight to the plastic section.  Here are a few of her favorites...

back to school shopping for glasses

jc penney optical

how to shop for kids eyeglasses

shopping for kids eyeglasses

jc penney optical

What do you think?  There is a serious purple and tortoise shell trend going on here!  Her favorite pair that we ordered are tortoise shell and they will arrive in 1-2 weeks.  But I'm going to order her favorite purple pair as a surprise.  For under $30 it's too good to pass up!  Plus having a back up pair makes things a lot easier if she forgets a pair at school or wants to change up her look to match her outfit.

Does your child wear glasses?  Where is your favorite place to shop for kids eyeglasses?