Sixteen months ago we moved into our house, two days before Will was born.  Last summer we were the house waiting for sod.  A big dirt pit with nothing fun going on.  This year we promised the kids it would be better.  While their friends' were all swinging on swing sets and swimming in their pools, our kids were begging me to check my phone for invitations to play. This year we took the summer backyard challenge.

backyard ocean


Backyard Ocean sent us a 10' long pool that is 30" deep an my kids just can't get enough of it!

pool 1The pool is big enough for several kids to play and swim at once.  My 8 year old can swim under water from end to end and my almost 6 year old loves to jump and make a big splash.

pool 2The girls love this pool so much that Madeline decided to have a backyard water party for her 6th birthday later this month.  It's a Rainbow Unicorn themed party, naturally, and she can't wait to have all of her little friends over in her new pool.

kids in pool 3

The pool comes with a ladder, filter and cover.  We use the cover when we are finished to keep out the extra bugs.  Because we have a toddler, we have left the ladder off for now.  Ellie can easily climb in and Madeline always likes to get a boost so it's working just fine for us.  Once the liner was smoothed out, the pool was easy to install.  You fill the ring with air and as the water fills the pool, the ring floats to the top.  Take down and storage is super simple as well.

Our Backyard Ocean was a great addition to our backyard this year.  It's the perfect spot to cool off on hot days for everyone in our family!


Thanks again to Backyard Ocean for giving our backyard a summer fun facelift!