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School has started.  The big kids are away.  The Summer Fun List is still hanging on the wall, reminding us of the fun we had and what we can still accomplish before the leaves begin to turn.

summer fun list

It was an ambitious list but we've done a pretty great job of getting down to the business of fun these last 10 weeks!  We spent lots of time on our favorite beach in Michigan.

south have, michigan

Shook it Off at Taylor Swift!

taylor swift 1989 tour

I got to spend time with old friends which meant my kids got to make new friends.  Is there anything cuter than toddler BFF's?!

baby friends

The kids were reunited with their cousins twice this summer.  They just all love to be together and as they say their goodbye's yell things like, "Text me as soon as you get home!".  Oh the joy of iMessage on iPads!

The girls tried tennis and volleyball this summer, we took a road trip to Branson for dance nationals, a kid learned to ride a bike without training wheels, a baby learned to ride a tricycle but mostly there was a lot of this going on.

We are going to miss our summer.  Our busy days and our lazy days.  But the weather is still warm so we're going to enjoy it and make ourselves one of these delicious summer treats from Hey Kayli for an after school snack.  If you’re looking for an easy summer activity your kids will love you then take a look at her video. Share it with a friend who loves an easy kid-friendly treat and let them know they’re #doingood this summer. It’s that easy to let another parent know you see them giving summer their all!

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