Sweaters are on the brain as we have started our fall styling season.  The Chicago air has been cool and crisp and served for great inspiration.  Here are some looks we've put together for a couple of our favorite family clients this Fall. Our first family has three older brothers and then a baby sister that is just too cute.  Mom likes her to stand out in prints.  The boys each have their own style, from bow ties to casual and we work each one in so they all feel comfortable and great in what they're wearing.

fall fashion for kids 2

Since the sisters in this family started wearing uniforms for school, they've rebelled against dresses on the weekends.  Not a problem, these darling sweaters and skinny cords are stylish and perfect for fall foliage.  Baby brother gets a coordinating look with the most adorable tweed shoes ever.


fall fashion for kids


We hope these looks have given you some fall inspiration for your family photos.  If you would like custom looks for your family, send an email to info@thelittlestylefile.com and we'll get to work!