Girls' hair is intimidating for dads.  Most dads have never run a brush through more than a couple of inches of hair, let alone try to brush through a mess of tangled hair attached to a small girl with ninja like agility. Cozy Friedman, creator of the SoCozy line of haircare products which we LOVE, developed an alternative to dads showing up to dance class with their daughter, brush and pony tail holder.  Real Men Braid is a class taught by Cozy that gives dads hands on training so they will have confidence when it comes to tackling their daughter's hair.

Cozy started off by getting the guys a little pep talk and explaining that doing girls' hair is no different than taking on any project - first you need the right tools in your tool kit.  The tool kit included SoCozy Detangler Spray, SoCozy Brush, SoCozy Hair Gel, bobby pins and pony tail holders.

real men braid class

The dads learned how to brush out tangles, section off hair and be organized with their brushing.

daddy daughter hair class

While the girls were getting styled, the baby brothers made themselves right at home in the Snippets Mini Cuts Chicago's play space.  Snippets was such a fun place - little kids can sit in cars and watch a show while getting their hair cut.  They have a great selection of gifts, too!

snippets mini cuts chicago


First, the dads learned a basic pony tail.  Then how to braid it.  If you look in the mirror below, you can see both girls' braided pony tails.



girls ryan so cozy

But then the dads took it one step further and did the daring braided bun!  This hairdo is a requirement for ballet class.  I can't tell you how excited I was that Ryan now knows how to do this style!dad and mads hair

Cozy is the best!  This innovative class is a bonding experience for girls and their dads.  It also gives dads confidence and makes that mess of curls seem not so intimidating.  All SoCozy hair products are free of "nasties", work great and smell even better.  Thanks to SoCozy and Snippets Mini Cuts for having us!socozy group(This was our "before" picture)

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