It is looking and feeling more like fall these days. As a mom getting the kids ready in the morning can be difficult because when they leave in the morning the temperatures are chilly but by the afternoon its much warmer. This is when layering comes in and is key this time of year. boys fall fashion

Dylan is in first grade this year. Surprisingly he has a lot of input on what he wears. He loves button downs but prefers a comfortable pant. Together we try to pick clothing items that will make it easy to get ready in the morning before school. boys fall fashion Pairing a graphic t-shirt with a button down is an easy way to layer for the cooler tempertaures. It also gives your little guy a bit more style than just a plain t-shirt. In the afternoon Dylan usually comes home with his button down in his backpack. The biggest hit for boys this fall is Hi Top Sneakers! Dylan refuses to wear anything other than the Hi Top Jet Sneaker to school.

boys fall fashion Dylan is wearing a long sleeve graphic t-shirt, Plaid button down, Athletic Windpants, Hi Top Jet Sneakers and football lunch box. You can now receive free shipping plus 25% off at The Children's Place.