The Sugar Goblin came into our lives at the perfect time.  Somehow, our middle child has a mouth full of cavities at age 6.  We have no idea why, my husband and I have great teeth as does her big sis.  But poor Madeline has spent more time in a dentist chair than any other kid I know. Halloween had been in the back of our minds.  Madeline, like any 6 year old, loves Trick-or-Treating and, of course, candy.  But we knew we couldn't let her just start going crazy with what was inside her orange plastic pumpkin.  Enter the Sugar Goblin! sugar goblin

This fun book and plush set has a cute little guy that comes along with a bright and colorful storybook that tells the tale of how the goblins ran out of candy and what they must do to get their candy stash back.

sugar goblin All three of our kids ages 8, 6, and 18 months were all in.

sugar goblin

They listened to every word of the story and then ran outside and whispered "Tricks for Treats" into the night to welcome a Sugar Goblin into our house.

sugar goblin

The premise of the book is that the Sugar Goblins need candy for their village.  If the children welcome a Sugar Goblin into their home, the Sugar Goblin will do silly tricks for the kids every night while they're asleep until Halloween.  After Trick or Treating is over, the kids will pick a few pieces of their favorite candy to keep and place the rest out for the Sugar Goblin to take back to their village.  To show appreciation, the Sugar Goblin will leave a gift in place of the candy.

sugar goblin

Our Sugar Goblin took a relaxing bubble bath made out of Cheerios on his first day.  Will loves the Sugar Goblin, so on day 2, he appeared in his room.

sugat goblin

Will, being 18 months, doesn't quite yet grasp the "no touch" concept of the Sugar Goblin, but his sisters were at school so we let it slide just this once.

sugar goblin

Our entire family is getting in on fun.  The kids are even speculating on what he might do next (which gives the Sugar Goblin some great ideas!).

There is no official day to welcome the Sugar Goblin into your home so you could do it on October 1st, the week before Halloween or even the night before depending on how many tricks the "goblin" has time to do.the sugar goblin

This is a fun tradition that I know our family will do for years to come.  I can see the big sisters "helping" as they get older.  You can learn more about The Sugar Goblin by visiting their website, liking on Facebook, following on Instagram and Twitter and get fun ideas on Pinterest.


Disclosure:  This post is part of a sponsored campaign for The Sugar Goblin. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.