This fall our family embarked on a new adventure, Flag Football. My husband was the head coach and it was the first year Dylan played on a flag football team. I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into but it was a fantastic experience. The kids and families on our team were awesome. My husband had a great time coaching the kids with his other two coaches. Last weekend was Homecoming and the boys were in the parade. After the parade they had a tournament and played the other flag football teams in their league and they won the tournament!  

football mom

We wanted to celebrate the end of the season with the boys and all of the families. The one question is where can you celebrate with 11 (VERY ACTIVE) boys??? Having 20 kids at our house wasn't an option. (insert laughter)

I had seen that a Goldfish Swim School had opened up in Mundelein. If you aren't familiar with Goldfish Swim School they are a leading water safety and swim school offering classes for both infant and children. They offer family swim time weekly and birthday parties. I thought that Goldfish would be the perfect venue for the team football party.


I loved hosting our party at the Goldfish Swim School because it was EASY. They provided everything (plates, napkins, juice boxes, cupcakes and goldfish crackers) we just showed up. You can also bring in anything you want, which I love for future parties. We ordered pizza's when we arrived and they had a promotion with a local pizza place that made the cost inexpensive.

When the kids arrived they went over the pool rules and had all the kids take a swim test. They had a lot of fun pool toys for the kids to play with and the lifeguards played a few games. goldfish swim club

goldfish swim club

goldfish swim club

goldfish swim club Thanks to Goldfish Swim School for providing us with the perfect place to celebrate an awesome Flag Football Season! Goldfish Swim School has seven different Chicago-area locations with more coming soon! They also have locations in 10 states across the county. You can find a gold fish location near you on their website.