This is an interesting Halloween for our family.  As Madeline whined after all of the costume selections had been made, "But this is our first year without a theme!!!"  She's right!  Since she's been born, sibling costumes have had a theme- bee & flower, mermaid & crab, pony & unicorn, witch & bat, Wizard of Oz - but not this year. This year we are in three distinct age groups:  toddler, little kid and big kid.  The toddler is a monkey in honor of his fave, Curious George.  The little kid is a firefly with a real light up costume.  The big kid is a skeleton princess.chasing fireflies 15-10Will, in typical toddler fashion, wants nothing on his head but the soft monkey costume from Chasing Fireflies doesn't bother him too much.  The costume is easy and fast to get on and off with a zipper back and separate head piece.  chasing fireflies 15-12chasing fireflies 15-13Paired with brown Converse sneakers, this is the cutest monkey around! chasing fireflies 15-11 chasing fireflies 15-9 Madeline chose to be the Light-up Fantasy Firefly because the costume lights up.  I mean, she's 6 after all, it was pretty much a no brainer.

chasing fireflies 15-6

Add in a sparkly gold and pink tiara, earrings, choker, gold shoes and the most amazing wings ever and you have every kindergartener's dream costume. chasing fireflies 15-7chasing fireflies 15-4 chasing fireflies 15-8Ellie had the best time taking pictures in her Skeleton Princess costume.  She nailed creepy!  While we were taking pictures, a few of her friends came over to see if she could play.  They went crazy over her costume.  Which made Ellie more excited.  Which made her faces and poses even creepier.chasing fireflies 15-1The entire costume from the skull crown to the glittery black ballet slippers is pretty cool.  But the best part are the skeleton bracelets.  It makes it look like real bones.  chasing fireflies 15-2See?  Creepy! chasing fireflies 15-3Besides the amazing costumes that Chasing Fireflies is known for, we also love that they give back.

chasing fireflies 15-5

The adorable Trick or Treat for Unicef bags help two ways.  First, the profit of the sale of each bag is donated to Unicef.  The the 6" x 6" felt bag can be easily carried along with a traditional basket to collect donations for Unicef on Halloween.

So despite our lack of theme this year, everyone is thrilled with their costume choice so that means I'm happy.  I knew - somewhere deep down inside - that our perfectly themed Halloweens couldn't last forever.  But maybe they can make at least one more appearance before people start growing up and going off to college.  A mom can dream.


Thanks to Chasing Fireflies for providing costumes and accessories for this post.  As always, Chasing Fireflies goes above and beyond expectations but all opinions are honest and my own.  To take a trip down the Yellow Brick Road and see past Halloweens, see 2014 and 2013 from Chasing Fireflies.