Did you know you've been doing your concealer wrong your entire life?  If you just do a swoop under each eye and wonder by your dark circles don't look any better then congratulations, this post is going to change your life.  Well, at least change the fact that people constantly think you're tired.  Well, if you're a mom you probably are tired BUT now everyone is going to think you are super well rested.  And when you look in the mirror and see a super well rested person looking back at you, it actually makes you feel better.  Trust me, I'm a mom of three.  I get it. how to get rid of dark circles

I've been dragging my feet writing this post because to show you the after, I have to show you the before.  And the before ain't pretty.  But here it is, the just-out-of-the-shower-but-blow-dried-my-hair-not-wearing-a-stitch-of-makeup picture.

no makeup

If I made this picture huge, you would not only see my dark circles that I think I've had since college, but also a little spot under my eye that is a different shade than the rest.  Even more annoying than just dark circles.

So here's what you've probably been doing.  One swoop of concealer under each eye.

wrong way to use concealer to cover up dark circles


What you're doing above is highlighting the dark circles.  So when you rub it in, it's just making them look worse.

The right way to conceal dark circles under your eyes is to apply your concealer in an inverted triangle under each eye.  Here's what I mean:

correct way to hide dark under eye circles

By applying the concealer down farther, you are actually highlighting the entire eye and drawing attention while camouflaging the dark circles.

how to cover dark circles

My absolute favorite concealer in the world is the Younique liquid mineral touch concealer.  To learn more about Younique and why I love it so much, you can read this post.

So does that make sense so far?  Now what you're going to do is blend.  You can use your finger or blending buds, whatever you've got.

Here is how the concealer looks now that it's been blended and Touch Mineral Pressed Powder has been applied.

how to get rid of dark circles 2

Those dark circles are outta here!  Now you have a great base to apply the rest of your makeup.  Today I'm going to do eye pigments, 3D Fiberlash Mascara, a little black eye liner, mineral pressed blush and Lucrative Lipgloss.  Here's the finished result!

younique touch mineral liquid concealer

Do you see what I mean about highlighting the eye?  The difference is drastic.  I feel so much more confident now that I don't look like a zombie!

You can find out how to shop Younique with me, host a party to earn free makeup or join the movement by clicking here.

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