If you're looking for a family movie this holiday weekend, chances are you'll be getting tickets to see The Good Dinosaur.  



Here are 3 things you need to know before you put on your 3D glasses.  



1.  Bring Kleenex

Disney-Pixar movies tug at the heart strings and this is no exception. All four of us cried at at least one part, some of us more than once.  


2.  There are a few "scary" parts.  

Not in a wicked witch scary but nature scary - storms, scary animals, etc. - had my 6 year old squeezing my hand tight at times.  


3.  Leave the toddlers at home.  

Our baby is starting to sit through shows and I considered bringing him to see The Good Dinosaur but I'm glad he stayed at home. The animation is incredible (we wouldn't expect less) but there are no musical numbers in this one. It's a great story about family but it's best for at least age 4/5 and up.  


The girls and I were so excited to see an advanced screening of The Good Dinosaur and we all loved it!  If you grew up watching the Land Before Time, you'll love this movie as much as I did!

Is your family headed to the theaters this weekend?