It's a new year, let's take on a new challenge!  ThredUp is challenging all of us to not shop for 30 days.  Sound crazy?  You can do it!


Tips:  instead of buying new items, get a few friends together and swap some pieces.  It's a fun excuse to hang out with girlfriends for a great cause.

Or think outside of your normal style box and try mixing prints and making totally new looks with what's already in your closet.  You may come up with killer outfits you never would have imagined.

Not only is a temporary shopping ban good for your wallet, it also reduces waste.  If the challenge meets its goal of 1,000 women signing on, 6,000 pounds of landfill waste will be saved!

Ready to sign up?  If you pledge to take the Shop Drop Challenge, you can be entered to win a $250 ThredUp gift card.  Learn more by visiting!