This is the second year we have partnered with the Chicago Baby Show and, again, it did not disappoint.

chicago baby show

The Chicago Baby Show is the place to go for new and expecting moms to see the latest in baby gear and accessories.  Everything from strollers and car seats to Ta-Ta Towels, if it can make life easier with a baby, it will be there.

We also found the Pumpsotting, an app for breastfeeding moms, bus with is covered with positive messages for every mom.  

pumpspotting truck

Now on to our top three picks.  Number one is the Ready Rocker by Rockermama.  This is new invention that you can see sitting on the bed, on the airline chairs and hanging over the railing, can be put in any sitting area with a back and turns it into a rocking chair.


The possibilities for this are endless.  Besides the obvious uses like traveling on an airplane or using at grandma's, this would have been a life saver when we converted the nursery to a big kid room but the toddler still likes to be rocked.  You can stick this in the bed and rock and read stories.  It would have made the transition so much easier!

Or if you are in a smaller living space and don't have room for a big, plush rocker, you can simply put this in any chair and - poof! - you have a rocking chair.  It's so comfortable and easy to use, I want one just to use when I'm typing away on my MacBook!  The Rocker Baby will be available soon, you can check out their website for an official launch date.


Monti Kids is giving parents the tools to turn their living rooms into classrooms.  Founded by Montessori teachers, this program is a quarterly subscription service that sends high quality, safe toys to your house along with all of the materials to support your developing baby.  This would make a great gift for the grandparents to give during the holidays or for birthdays.  You can learn more here.

monti kids

Lil Gourmet is changing baby food.  You will only find this delicious - we tasted it! - baby food in the refrigerated section because everything in each container is fresh and organic.  All of the Lil Gourmet baby foods are veggie based so while they are tasty, they don't get your baby wanting the taste for sweet.  I know that was a problem for all of my kids doing baby foods.

little gourmet baby food

You can find Lil' G baby foods at Olivia's Market, select Chicago suburban stores and online.  

Well, that's it for now.  All of this baby talk has left us exhausted.  

chicago baby show

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post, all opinions are honest and our own.