My kids love to give me a challenge. I always flinch when I ask the question, "Your Birthday is coming up, what kind of party would you like?" because anything could come out of their mouths. Hedgehogs, circus, rainbow unicorns, mermaids the list goes on and on but when Madeline said she wanted a Glow Party, I was a little surprised.  

best day ever birthday photo op

Is a Glow Party even a thing? Lucky for Mads, I like a challenge. Here is what we did to have an epic glow in the dark birthday party! 

Setting + Decorations

Glow Party planning ideas + activities

This sounds like a no brainer but it has to be dark for a glow party.  So the first thing we decided was this had to be a sleepover.  Now that the sun is setting earlier, an early evening glow party would work but in the summer months you'll have to consider a late night or indoor option.

Bedsheet Backdrop

DIY Glow Bracelet Garland via The Little Style File

Have you always wondered how to make a spot in your house look party perfect?  It's actually very easy.  For this party we really wanted our neon and glow decorations to stand out and our greige walls just weren't going to cute it.  Our black sheet backdrop was made in two steps.  First, you take the flat sheet and pin it up above your table.  Then take the fitted sheet and lay it over your table, letting all of the extra fabric go low in front.  You can either pin it or leave it draped as is.  For our narrow table we only needed a twin sheet set so the total cost was less than $10!

Glow Bracelet Garland

Glow In the Dark Party Ideas

This is super easy to make and has a huge impact on your party decor. All you do is cut a piece of fishline a little longer than you need your garland to be and then tie on the bracelets.  To make the garland look cleaner, use one long piece of fishline instead of tying small pieces in between the bracelets.  For our party we did vertical garland but horizontal would be cute, too!  Just be sure to save this project for the end because the glow only lasts a few hours.  It was cute during the day but totally came alive at night! 

Pro tip:  Stock up on glow sticks, glow bracelets and other glow in the dark things now during Halloween season.  You can find them very cheap compared to other times of the year!

Glow Balloons

How to host a glow in the dark party

Glow Balloons were new to us but they worked well and really brought the party to life.  While it says that a hand pump works best, we found we were able to use our little party helium tank just fine.  We ended up using helium for some to put around the house for decoration and using the pump for the rest so the girls could play with them during the glow dance party.


Crafts + Activities

Glow In the Dark Slime

DIY Glow in the Dark Slime Recipe

I'll start by saying slime has always been forbidden in our house.  It just looks like a disaster waiting to happen.  But how can you have a glow party without glow in the dark slime?  Really, you can't.  ;)  So we covered our tables with plastic table cloths and hoped for the best but expected the worst.  The girls actually did a fantastic job making slime and keeping it under control.  Here is the slime recipe we used.

DIY Glow in the dark slime no borax


Elmer's Glue


Glow In the Dark Paint

Ball Jars



Slowly mix two parts glue and one part liquid starch together in your jar.  Once mixed well, add a squirt of paint and continue to mix.  Once the paint is mixed in, take your slime and knead it like dough until desired consistency (not too sticky).  Follow the directions on the glow in the dark paint to get the slime to glow.  It may need to "charge" for a certain amount of time first.

Scratch Art

glow in the dark party craft ideas

Scratch Art sets can be purchased in bulk on Amazon and was a great and fun way to transition between projects.  The girls were really creative and did amazing artwork!

Rock Painting

how to host a rock painting party

Rock painting is hugely popular in our area right now.  People paint rocks and hide them in town and then either replace them with new rocks or rehide them.  It's taken over our area and is a fun activity when you're out and about.  On our last trip to Michigan, the kids and I found enough rocks on the beach for each guest to paint two rocks.  Sometimes it takes a few coats of paint for the design to show up on the rock so we prepped the rocks by painting one side a solid white or black so the kids had a canvas to start with.

rock painting tips for kids

Paints with fine brushes, painter markers and Sharpies were all out and available to be used.  The painter markers work well for the big designs while the Sharpies are perfect for outlining and writing messages.  We even used the glow in the dark paint for extra fun touches.

rock painting tips for kids

Glow Jewelry

DIY Bedsheet back drop

No glow party is complete without tons of glow jewelry.  Bracelets, rings, necklaces, headbands, anklets - we had it all.  I purchased the glow sticks with connectors in bulk and just had them sitting out all over and the party guests went to town.  Never underestimate how many places on a body girls can find for glow jewelry!

activities for your glow party

Dance Party

glow in the dark party activities

Take the glow balloons and all of the glow jewelry and blast their fave music for a glow dance party.  We did this outside at like 9 pm and it was the perfect way to get out that extra energy before putting on pj's and (trying) to get the kids to bed.



And there you have it!  Everything you need for an epic glow party.  While we did a birthday glow party, it could be done for many occasions, including Halloween coming up!  Have you ever hosted a glow party? Leave your tips in the comments below!