The kids are back in school which means the holidays are officially over.  We have a Christmas Tree-free living room to prove it.  Since we've had subzero temperatures for most of break, we really have had a chance to dive in and use the gifts we received this holiday season.  

While some gifts we gave that we thought would be a huge hit and were pretty much a bust (I'm looking at you, Fingerling) we really loved a lot of what we gave and received this year and I wanted to share our family's favorite things from this holiday season.

When it comes down to it, there were 6 gifts that really have blown us away with their functionality, comfort, style or play-ability.  Here are our top 6 in no particular order. (some links are affiliates)

1. The Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show

Pretty much this is awesome. The kids love it because you can play games.  The adults love it because we can get instant information like weather and news and also use it for recipes.  Every night we play Jeopardy! and it's just a fun thing to have in your kitchen.  I wasn't sure how much we would use it, but the verdict is we use it constantly.  Brb, have to ask Alexa to start a timer.

2. Ugg Slippers

Ugg Slippers

Literally don't know how I would have survived the -11 degree temperatures this break without them.  Love, love, love.  The color is great, they are soft and cozy and the bottom has a sole so they are non slip.  Best gift to receive in the winter!

3. HP Sprocket Printer

HP Sprocket Printer

This is a gift we actually gave to our 8 year old daughter but we are all loving.  You can edit and print photos from your device and it is hours of fun for everyone.  The pics are small with a sticky back so they are great for decorating a locker or bedroom or sticking in a scrapbook.

4. Monogrammed Camera Strap

Personalized Camera Strap

Etsy for the win!  I've wanted a cool camera strap forever and this leather strap with my monogram is just perfection!

5. Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

We have all the shows.  All of them.  And we will watch.  Plus a voice remote.  Sorry, friends, we have plans.

6. Personalized Glasses

We've talked about how fun Medieval Times was for our family.  There's a certain commercial that has been playing nonstop lately where they raise a glass and say "Dilly Dilly!".  When I found this mom owned business who can etch anything from sports teams to pop culture sayings onto all different kinds of glassware, I knew this was the perfect stocking stuffer for my husband.  The set of Dilly Dilly glasses make us smile and remember our Medieval Times fun.


So there you have it.  Our holiday hits this year.  What were your faves?  Any misses? Tell us in the comments!