When we were at the Disney Social Media Mom Celebration a few week ago we had the opportunity to screen Alice Through The Looking Glass. My daughter Mia, who is 10 years old couldn't wait! 

Alice Through The Looking Glass

Mia wants to tell you about the movie! 

Did you like Alice Through The Looking Glass?

Yes, I liked Alice Through The Looking Glass because it was colorful and the costumes were bright and fun! There was a lot going on in the movie and could be confusing at times. 

Alice through the looking glass


Who was your favorite Character? Why? 

My favorite character was Alice and the Red Queen. Alice because she was very helpful, a good friend and imaginative. The Red Queen because she had a Big head. Her head told the whole story of Alice Through The Looking glass and the friendship between the Red Queen and Alice. Alice went back in time to when the Red Queen hit her head on the light post when the white queen (her sister) said "No I did not eat the tart."  The Mad Hatter because he got angry and sad because he didn't know where his family went. He wanted to find them. He knew that they were alive because the first hat he ever made was still there. Alice wanted to help him find his parents. 

Red Queen from Alice Through The looking Glass

What else did you like about the movie?

The scences were very colorful and you felt like you were in the movie! I cannot wait to see it again with my friends.


Alice Through The Looking Glass opens in Theatres nationwide this Friday.  Here are a few printables you can download to get excited!