Happy Birthday to our last baby who has somehow mangaged to turn into a big boy in the blink of an eye.  



I have mentioned that unlike his big sisters, Will did not want a party for his birthday. His one request was to go see the dinosaur bones at the museum. Done! 

Will wore the best dinosaur birthday shirt ever, and we headed out for our day in the city.  



When you walk in the Field Museum, Sue is the first thing you see. We went over to say hi right away.  



After greeting Sue we went back in time billions of years and traveled through all of the mass extinctions on earth. It was exhausting but we saw lots of dinosaur bones along the way.  



The Field Museum is Will's favorite place so he led us to Ancient Egypt, on an Underground Adventure and through the Pacific.  


Will had the best time. He was so worried when we left that Sue would be so lonely without him. We promised the elephants across the hall would keep Sue company.  


After our museum fun, we went to Auntie's for presents, pizza and cake. The Sue grabber from the gift shop made opening gifts even more fun!


This is the first time Will has loved the whole singing and cake thing. He just had the biggest smile, it was so cute!  


I shared the video on Instagram, but he loved it all so much we sang twice!


 Three is running fast, jumping high and going nonstop. It's soaking in everything around you and questioning everything. It's wanting to be independent but turning back to make sure your mom is watching. Three is exciting and amazing. And the reason most of these photos are just a little blurry.  


Happy Birthday to our Dino loving sweet baby boy!  We know #3 will be your best year yet!