Cars 3 races into theaters Friday June 16th and we were lucky to get a sneak peek last night!


Will has fallen in love with Cars from watching the first two movies OnDemand.  He had been talking about "Disney Pixar Cars" for weeks.  He grabbed his little Lighting McQueen car before we headed out the door.


I honestly don't think I have ever seen an entire Cars movie.  Cars 1 came out before the girls were born and 2 came out when the the girls were really young. But Will's enthusiasm for Cars 3 was enough to get all of us excited!


While Ellie and Madeline went to be supportive sisters, they both LOVED the movie.  It's fun and funny with a great story that speaks to kids of all ages and genders.  There are quite a few main female characters in the movie that appealed to the girls.


While this is obviously a movie for kids, the story line is very relevant for adults.  Lighting McQueen is aging and is having a difficult time keeping up with the rookies.  There is outside pressure to retire but McQueen doesn't think he's ready yet.  


Lighting McQueen goes on a quest to get his speed back but has to face the facts that he'll never be as fast as the newer generation of race cars.  He has one last chance to win again - can he do it?!

Cars 3 is a fun adventure that our family didn't want to end.  Will can't wait to see it again!

Below are some fun activities to get your family ready for Cars 3 and continue the fun after you see the movie!


Spot the Difference




My family was invited to an early screening for Cars 3, all opinions are honest and my own.