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Happy Father's Day, Dad! You're #DoinGood

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This Father's Day, I just wanted to let you know you're #doingood.  You know how you always would tell me you're proud of me after every school awards night or volleyball game?  Guess what?  Now it's my turn to tell you how proud I am of you.

minute maid #doingood

I was always proud to have you as my dad.  I was so happy to see you in the audience of my orchestra concerts and volleyball games.  It was a great feeling to know you were always there cheering and supporting my team.

I remember when you were working on your dissertation for your phD and I walked into the study to see how it was going.  I was in high school and had just finished my senior paper and felt pretty good about it.  Looking over your shoulder to see what you were working on pretty much blew my mind.  Obviously you're a smart guy, but it was that moment I realized you're like a SUPER smart guy.

minute maid

It's a great feeling to know that, even as adults, we can count on you.  Even if it takes 8 trips to a hardware store to get exactly the right tools to hang a light fixture in our 'vintage' condo, we know you are just a phone call away and always willing to help.  Or moving in to our new home two days before having our third baby and not finding all of the crib parts, I was ready to have a panic attack and you calmly drove me to the store and bought a new crib.  Then we found the crib parts and you returned the new crib.  And we can laugh about all of that now.

minute maid #doingood

Watching you with my kids is so much fun.  You get each one of their little personalities and when I get frustrated with how one of them is acting, you remind me that they are their own people and have their own view of the world.  That each time one of our beautiful babies was born, they were born into a different family and that shapes their life and their experiences.  I can't wait to take our road trip to Branson with you to watch Ellie and Mads compete at Nationals for dance.  It's just one more adventure we get to share together!

This Father's Day, I just wanted to let you know you're doin' good, Dad.  And that I love you and I'm PROUD of you.  And my kids are lucky to have you as their Poppa.


Kristin (your favorite oldest daughter)

P.S. Mom, you're #doingood, too!

Be sure to let your favorite dad know he's #DoinGood this Father's Day! You can send him a heartfelt message or easily share this video with him. You can also follow along for more positive parenting stories at #doingood

Thanks to Minute Maid for sponsoring this post.  Life gets busy and sometimes we forget to share how much we care with the ones we love!

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Personalized Father's Day Gifts Dad Will Love

Father's Day is just a few weeks away. Have your bought your husband or dad a gift yet? I prefer to give gifts that are personal and special. Some of my favorite gifts I have received were made by my kids. I searched Etsy for my favorite gifts that will make Dad happy on Father's Day and for years to come.

 personalized sports key chain

 Personalized Pocket Square with kids art

 Personalized engraved wood watch

Personalized Father's Day Frame

Personalized wall mount bottle opener

Personalized cuff links

Pillow with your kids art

What do you plan to give the dad in your life this year?



Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Imbornto and March of Dimes

Mother's Day is next weekend. When I reflect back on becoming a mother for both the first and second time, I realize what a miracle my babies really are. I myself as a baby didn't have it easy from the beginning. I was a "blue baby" and had open heart surgery, Tetralogy of Fallot.

March of Dimes has helped babies be born strong and healthy through vaccines, research and education for more than 75 years. The imbornto campaign celebrates the great things babies are born to do and thanks mothers and fathers who are the guardians and protectors of babies’ hopes and dreams. For Mother's Day to Father's Day, the March of Dimes encourages consumes to shop, donate and take part in partner promotions to support the cause. Its a great way to support a cause while giving a wonderful gift to a Mother or Father in your life. You can visit imbornto to learn more about all of the special Mother's Day and Father's Day offerings.


Last year the support of March of Dimes provide 15,700 babies lifesaving surfactant therapy, developed by March of Dimes researches. 90,000 families with a newborn were given intensive care comfort and information through NICU family  Support®.


Disclosure: This was a sponsored post. 



5 Handmade Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day is next weekend and I am scouring the internet looking for something to give my husband.  I want it to be meaningful and something he’d really love.  My daughter has already announced I will be serving both her dad and her breakfast in bed.  Hmmmm, as I recall she had breakfast with me in bed too for Mother’s Day…tricky!  Here are a few ideas of my favorite ideas I  found on pinterest.

Personalized Photo – I thought this was just too sweet.  What a great gift for dad!  I also so lots of ideas where children were photographed holding up signs like: “Best Dad Ever” or “I Love You Dad.”


Child’s Footprint – this is especially sweet to do with your baby.  It’s a great way your husband can bring something special to put on his desk at work, reminding him of his bundle of joy at home!


Handmade apron – if you have a husband who loves to cook or barbeque, this is such a great idea!  Your kids could even make matching ones for themselves!  (in a smaller size of course)


Spatula – this is a super easy gift and  would actually go well with the handmade apron.  Perfect for the dad who doesn’t love handyman tools, but loves cooking tools!


Jar Gift- Time isn't always on our side to create a gift from scratch. This Jar gift from Lil Luna is perfect! Fill it with your favorite gummy bears, print out the free printable and dad has an adorable gift!





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8 Cool Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day is just around the corner. When giving gifts to the Dad's in our lives and the Father's to our children we like giving them something cool, unique and a gift they will truly love!  We know that Dad has enough ties in his closet and would love something cool this Father's day!  Uncommon Goods is our go to site for cool gifts. Personalized gifts are always appreciated and Uncommon goods has ones that will make dear old dad happy, you can find them here. Our favorite part of shopping at Uncommon Goods is that you can find a large selection of gifts under $100 here and under $50 here.

Stone Drink Dispenser, Approach The Bench Chess Set, Droplet Speaker,

Cheese & Crackers BoardMap Cufflinks, The Hour Watch, ipad fooseball, Sunset Wine Tote

The best part of giving gifts is when you receive something that you love and actually will use! Celebrating dad is something we love to do! Let us know how you will be celebrating Dad this year.  Father's day is on June 15th. Don't forget to look for the perfect gifts for Dad here.


Disclosure: We received samples for review purposes. Opinions are honest and our own. 

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