As a family we are always looking for fun ways to celebrate the holidays with friends.  As kids get older, we look for was to include them on the fun rather than just getting them a sitter.  A fun way to spend a night with another family is a Fondue Party!

kids fondue party

This super fun night we had cheese fondue and chocolate fondue.  Naturally the kids parked themselves at the chocolate end and the grown ups on the cheese end!  A fondue party is great for kids ages 4 and up.  The kids love "making" their own food.

how to host a fondue party with kids

Hosting a fondue party is easy and painless.  Just roll out the butcher paper on your kitchen or dining room table and start making the fondue a little before the party begins.  You can have each guest bring a few things to dip and then you're ready for a fun night!

fondue party with kids

Dippers for cheese fondue include pears, pretzel bread, french bread and pretzel rods.

fondue party

Items to dip for chocolate include wafer cookies, marshmallows, strawberries, bananas, mandarin oranges, pineapple, pretzel rods and chocolate chip cookie dough.

cheese fondue dippers
fondue party

Making edible raw chocolate chip cookie dough is super easy.  We use the Betty Crocker mixes and instead of an egg, use 3 TBS of grapeseed oil.  Roll into balls or cubes and refrigerate until hard.

eggless chocolate chip cookie dough

Have you done a fondue party with kids?  You can find more holiday entertaining ideas in The Little Style File's 2016 Holiday Handbook!

fondue party

Thanks to our friend @tmasterflash for hosting this super fun fondue night!