If you are a parent, you know how this story goes, once you have kids date night is a rarity. It is sad but true. When you have babies it can be hard to find a babysitter or someone that you can trust and rely on to take care of your kids. The thing is mom and dad need alone time.

You can be creative if you cannot go out on a "real" date. Squeeze in lunch during work hours, plan a movie night at home, cook a special dinner together when the kids go to bed or find a baby sitter on Chime by SitterCity. Chime is a service launched from the creators of Sittercity, the pioneer in online childcare and a trusted expert source for parents.  We love that Chime sitters are hand-picked by the experts at Sittercity. Each goes through a vetting process, which includes an application, in-person evaluation, enhanced background check, identify verification and social media screening. Only about 1 in 5 make the cut! 

chime by sittercity

Sitters usually contact families beforehand via phone or email to get information about the kids they will be sitting for and learn more about the family prior to the first babysitting date. How many times do you not have cash to pay your babysitter? Yes, we are those parents that are scrambling to find the nearest ATM on the way home to pay our sitter. With Chime Payment is processed automatically via credit card through the app or website, that means no cash required! How awesome is that?  Hourly fees vary per city with Chicago being just $14/hour. Have more than one kid? Each additional child is just $1/hour.

Want to check out Chime for yourself? We have a $50 Credit for our Readers! Use Code STYLE and is good until 8/31/16. You can use it any city that Chime is available!