Disney's Pete's Dragon flies into theater's on Friday and your whole family is going to love it!

Pete's Dragon Review

My 6.5 year old daughter and I got to see this magical film on Monday night and the theater was filled with excitement.  Multiple times the crowd started cheering and just couldn't hold back their applause to the end of the movie.

I remember watching the cartoon of Pete's Dragon when I was small.  It was such a cute story about Pete and his dragon, Elliot.  This movie takes the story to a whole new level.

We learn how Pete ends up in the woods, how they become friends and that dragons have fun, not scales!  Pete's Dragon is the perfect amount of adventure and excitement.  There have been movies lately that are too scary or too sad.  This movie is a great balance that takes you on a fun ride of what it would be like to live alone in the woods with only your dragon to keep you company.

Madeline gives Pete's Dragon 5/5 stars, her own new rating system.  When asked her favorite part, she simply says, "All of it."  And I have to agree!

Here's a look behind the scenes filming with Elliot, the biggest star of the film!

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