When we were selecting items for our first baby's registry, I was overwhelmed by how many options existed for very specific baby needs. One item was to be used specifically for sleep, another specifically for play. Some were meant to be placed in the bedroom while others were better utilized in the living room. There didn't seem to be anything out there that could pull double duty in its functions or be easily transferred from room to room. We're city dwellers with limited space, so versatility in our baby items was not only preferred, it was essential.



As a first time mother, I wanted to be sure to register for all of the things my baby could possibly want or need but I had been warned by friends that I'd probably end up with a lot of unnecessary items that would never be a part of our daily routine. Keeping in mind our two bed/two bath condo with closets already brimming, streamlining and minimizing our registry would be key. 



I first came across the Dock a Tot while researching "registry essentials" on different blogs that I read and trusted. The consensus was unanimous: the Dock a Tot was a *versatile* game changer. Onto the registry it went.


Fast forward a few months and I can say that I agree with those other wise mamas - our Dock a Tot is easily our most often used baby item around the house, aside from our changing pad which is quickly becoming threadbare from overuse. While I can't get enough of holding and snuggling our sweet girl as many hours out of the day as possible, occasionally it is necessary to put her down in order to do things like, oh I don't know, shower and eat. Although I've gotten pretty good at the one handed eating-while-holding-a-baby technique.



Our Dock a Tot pretty much goes wherever we go; from the bedroom to the living room to our family's home in Michigan. It's lightweight and easy to carry by the handle with one arm while you're balancing a baby in the other. We use the verb "dock" frequently around our home, like "go ahead and dock her" or "why don't you dock her and pour me a glass of wine?"


The Dock a Tot provides a comfortable and snug haven for our sweetheart when she can't be in our arms. We use it for naps, tummy time, play time with her activity gym, overnight sleeping, and for random moments in between. 



I'm not one to offer advice to new mamas (or dads) - I'm only ten weeks in and still figuring it out for myself - but I would definitely suggest looking into adding a Dock a Tot to your registry. Your overcrowded, baby expo of a home will thank you.


Thanks to Dock a Tot for providing a piece for review. This post contains affiliate links.