You may have seen Rosé wine taking over every summer event last year.  Well, this year it's cider's turn.  Rosé Cider is making its way onto store shelves and selling out almost as soon as it gets stocked.  What is Rosé Cider and will you like it?  We decided to having a tasting party to celebrate warmer weather and decide which is going to be our drink of the summer.

Rosé Cider Tasting

It seems every cider company is putting out it's own spin on a rosé cider.  We picked 8 that we could find in the Chicago area market and then made tasting cards so we could give each cider a score and take some notes.


For our tasting party we tried Virtue, Wyder's Rekordorlig, Angry Orchard, Strongbow, Cidergiest, Crispin and Original Sin.


You can taste as much or as little as you want.  We had dinner plans so we went with a traditional tasting amount.  Just enough to really get a feel and a final verdict on whether we loved it or could take a pass next time around.


Not all Rosé Ciders are the same.  Some are more bubbly than others, some are sweeter than others.  But, after all of the hard work of scoring the eight ciders, our group had a unanimous winner.


Cidergeist Bubbles Rosé Cider took our first place spot.  It was by a landslide.  There weren't any we didn't like, but the Cidergeist is crisp and not too sweet.  Definitely something we will be packing with us for our days at the beach!



host your own rosé cider tasting party

Have your own Rosé Cider Tasting Party!  Print the sign and tasting cards below and grab your friends.  Just click the image and print as many copies as you need.

Free Printable Rosé All Day Sign
Free Printable Rosé All Day Tasting Cards

Have you tried Rosé Cider?  Which one is your fave?