This post is in partnership with Stonyfield.

This post is in partnership with Stonyfield.

Projects that teach our kids an important lesson and can be given as a gift AND are cute are hard to come by.  Luckily we created this super fun craft for the kids to celebrate Earth Day and Mother's Day!  

Mother's Day craft

Turning yogurt containers into flower pots might seem a little odd at first but we'll show you how to turn them into adorable pots.  If you start now, you'll have the perfect little plant to give on Mother's Day.  First, have your kids eat Stonyfield Organic Yogurt.  Which, if your house is like our house, will be done at lightening speed.

stonyfield yogurt

Next, you're going to get chalkboard paint or washi tape and cover the empty, washed containers.  The washi tape is really easy and can make an adorable pot.  But the chalkboard paint doesn't take that much longer and you can write a message or do some doodles. 

earth day craft for kids

In our case the kids are making these as gifts for their grandmas for Mother's Day - sshhh!  Don't tell!  But they could be made for Teacher Appreciation, as a class project for moms or just about anything!  

Once the pots are dry, fill them with potting soil and then add in the seeds of your favorite flowers.


The kids chose flowers they knew their grandmas love like lavender and black eye Susans.

kids planting craft

While there were lots of yogurt breaks, the kids had a great time working together on this fun little project.  

Mother's Day craft for kids
Mother's Day craft

After all of our adorable little planters were filled with dirt and seeds, we gave them a little water and are now waiting for some sprouts.  The kids loved reusing objects that would have been trash and growing something green.  Bonus that it's going to turn into a super cute gift for their grandmothers!  

earth day craft for kids

How do you celebrate Earth Day?