Sunday is Easter. Are you ready? I will be honest I am not! This year Easter has snuck up on this bunny. Every year I try plan ahead and  find a different theme or ideas to fill the kids baskets. The kids of course love receiving candy and chocolate in their Easter basket. I try to pick out a few very special sweet treats. This year the kids will have treats from Russell Stover which is a classic that everyone loves.

Rusell Stovers Easter Bunny
jelly beans
easter candy
easter chocolate

The kids are dying to play outside and I chose outdoors for the theme for their Easter Basket this year! Every kid can use a butterfly net, bug catcher, flashlight, jump rope and a mini etch a sketch.

Easter Basket ideas

A few of my favorite items to put in my kids Easter baskets are these fun travel coloring books.

fun coloring books

My kids will both be getting S'well bottles as they like to steal mine all the time!

kids s'well bottle

We hope you and your family have a safe and Happy Easter!