Every holiday season we search for handmade gifts that are easy to do and look fabulous.  Gifts that come from the heart are always nice, but when they are well done and earn a prime display spot, that's even better.  

rustic DIY gift

This year wood rounds seem to have taken the home decor world by storm.  You can find them in high end boutiques and speciality stores but it is actually very easy to make your own custom wood rounds!  Here's how to do it.


Butcher Paper

Custom Stencil from Detroit Stencils

Wood Round

Acrylic Paint

Stencil Brushes



1. Cover your work space with butcher paper and gather materials.

DIY Christmas Decor

2. Tape down your stencil and using as little paint as possible, dab on paint.  The Detroit Stencils are reusable so don't worry if you go outside the lines a bit.

wood slice DIY project

3. Wash your brush and then move on to your next colors.

Christmas DIY gift

4.  Carefully remove your stencil and let the paint dry.  If there are any obvious spots that need a touch up you can get a fine brush but not looking "perfect" is part of the charm.

rustic Christmas diy project

5. Display your work!  There are so many spots to put this little wood round that says "Merry Christmas" and all of them look great.  

rustic Christmas DIY decor

Or, with a little twine, it makes the perfect gift!

rustic DIY Christmas gift

You can stencil anything on to the wood round.  A family name, your favorite quote, lyrics to a holiday song - anything! What are your favorite gifts to make?

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