The Force is strong at Disney World's Hollywood Studios!  If you are a Star Wars fan, this is THE place to be.  Doing all things Star Wars with our kids was one of our favorite parts of our trip to Disney World.  Here is everything you need to know to experience all things Star Wars at Disney World!

First up, outfits.  The kids each had Star Wars shirts for our day at Hollywood Studios.  While there are tons of other fun things to do at that park, Star Wars was by far at the top of their list.   The girls wanted hair styles inspired by their favorite heroines and then we were on our way!

Star Wars at Disney World

We traveled to Hollywood Studios from the Beach Club Resort by boat.  It was a quick, relaxing trip over and it is always nice not to have to collapse the stroller.  Once we arrived, the girls ran to get in line for their spots in Jedi Training.  Head towards the Indiana Jones gift shop where you sign up for your time slot.


Jedi Training is so cool.  Kids ages 4-13 sign up to be part of a live show where they train with light sabers and get to battle the Dark Side.  If you are unable to get a spot, you can try to get in by checking in throughout the day to see if any kids are no shows.  It is a very strict schedule so I can definitely see if a meal runs long or a wait is longer for a ride than you expect how a child could miss their time slot.

Here's the video from when the girls did their Jedi Training.

As you can see, it can get a little intense with scary characters appearing through smoke.  If you think it might be too scary for your child this time, skip it.  We had one little boy in our session leave, and while it was easy for him to find his parents, it's a lot of waiting when you could be enjoying your day doing other things.

During the show, a professional photographer is snapping away hundreds of pictures that are available to all parents after the show in Memory Maker.  It was such a great perk!  If your kids are unable to get a spot, definitely stop by one of the Jedi Training shows.  It's very entertaining to watch!

how to get picked for jedi training

After all young Jedi complete their training, head to Star Wars Launch Bay to meet Chewbacca, Kylo Ren and more little friends.

Chewy is the best.  All huggie and snuggly.  

Kylo Ren is a little intimidating.  Sometimes he talks, too, in his super creepy voice and I have to admit, it gave me the chills.  When he pointed to the door to leave we quickly obeyed! 

Launch Bay also has storm troopers and movie mementos on display and for sale.  Plus you can find a few of these guys walking around.

Don't count on any storm trooper selfies, when they march they mean business.  We got a little sneak peek when they were off duty and caught them at a good moment.

Once Captain Phasma inspects you to make sure you're not part of the Rebellion, and you've ridden Star Tours, move on to make your own droid or light saber!

And to finish your perfect Star Wars day at Disney World Hollywood Studio, use a FastPass to get the best view of the Fantasmic Fireworks show!

All of the Star Wars experiences really brought the films to life for our family.  We had the best time and can't wait to go back!

If you have any questions about you upcoming trip, just leave them in the comments!