Arizona was on of my favorite places to go as a child and also bring my children to on vacation.  I think one of the biggest reasons why is that it is so different from the Midwest.  The landscape and scenery are unlike anything some one from the Chicago area has ever seen.

On this trip to Arizona, we decided to go back in time to the Goldfield Ghost Town.

Goldfield Ghost Town

Now if you are a Westworld fan, this ghost town is eerily similar to the set of the show.  There are actors even dressed like they are from the 1800's walking around and engaging in conversation with the tourists.

arizona mountains

There is plenty to do at the Goldfield Ghost Town. There are mine tours, horseback riding, train rides, shopping, panning for gold, even a zip line.  There is no admission to enter the town, and attractions can be purchased individually or in packages.

arizona ghost town

Right away, the little gang I was with got them selves into some trouble with the law.

wild west town with kids

I don't usually do things like this, but that wanted poster was worth every bit of $19.99.  Wild Will and the Sissies weren't on the run for long.  They soon found themselves in the slammer.

kids in jail

After all of that excitement, we went to church.  That's the natural thing to do once released from jail, right?  The inside is set up just how it would have been in the 1800's with hymn books and Bibles.

wild west town church

The town itself is not huge, which was great for our resident toddler, but the attractions are spread out far.

Goldfield Ghost Town

The views are just gorgeous in every direction.

family travel arizona

The number one thing on my gang's list was to pan for gold.  The man running the shop was a gold expert and taught us the tricks of how to find gold in the pan.

panning for gold

Once you master the swirling motion, you can move past the dirt and minerals and find the gold at the bottom.

Panning for Gold

Goldfield Ghost Town is located at 4650 N. Mammoth Mine Road in Apache Junction, Arizona.  For more information, visit

Goldfield Mine

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