The Little Style File is happy to partner with Teletubbies on this post.

The Teletubbies are celebrating 20 years of big hugs!  Now on Nick Jr., their newest DVD, Teletubbies BUBBLES, is sure to get your little one giggling and ready to pop bubbles of their own!


Will has recently discovered the Teletubbies and just can't get enough.  The episode starts with a bubble party. The kids at the party are standing in giant bubbles, they are all laughing and having so much fun. Like every Teletubbies episode, when the video is over they say "Again! Again!" And replay the video. This helps developing children learn to anticipate things in their surroundings  Later in the episode the Teletubbies have "tubby custard" and it makes a bubbly mess.


The Teletubbies are so giggly and happy it's just infectious. Will just loves watching the BUBBLES DVD and he likes to carry the theme throughout our day.  


After enjoying the BUBBLES episode with his friend, Po, we went outside to have some bubble fun of our own!

Bubble Painting is a fun way to get crafty outside in the summer.  There are many different ways to do it, but we used food coloring and bubbles mixed into little bowls. 

bubble painting for toddlers

Instead of using paper, we did little square canvases that we could hang in a grouping as a little abstract art piece later.  If we were going to do it again with canvas, I would mix tempra paint with the bubbles so the design would dry a little darker.

painting with bubbles

Blowing colored bubbles is so much fun!

bubble painting

The kids loved how their designs turned out and had fun trying to add in and mix colors.

bubble painting for kids
bubble painting

Didn't they turn out so cute?!  


While the art was drying, we used a giant bubble wand to make the biggest bubbles we have ever seen.  

how to make giant bubbles
giant bubbles

In no time the entire neighborhood was in the backyard doing bubbles.  Madeline has a look of awe on her face in every single picture!

super bubbles

My favorite thing about the Teletubbies series is how it encourages children to be creative.  We can watch an episode together and then carry the theme throughout our day.  At bathtime he turned the tub sprayer into the Teletubbies microphone.  "Time for Teletubbies! Time for Teletubbies!"


And we finished our day with even more bubbles!

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