It's time for families everywhere to hit the road for the holidays!  Whether you travel by car or by plane, the journey to get to Grandmother's House can be stressful with small children.  Here are a few tips and tricks to make your trip go a little smoother.


1.  A Comfortable, Safe Seat For Everyone

Did you know different states have different car seat laws?  If you are traveling across state lines make sure you check the laws.  A child who is 8 years old in one state may not require a booster seat in your home state but could where you are traveling.

Also, before every road trip double check to see if your car seat is installed correctly.  Each car seat has different weight and height limits.  As your child grows the seat may need to be changed from rear to forward facing and from LATCH to a seat belt.


We love the Maxi Cosi Sweater Knit Collection car seats for the comfortable feel and safety features.  The cover is easy to remove for cleaning and you never have to thread the straps. Plus, the Pria goes up to 85 pounds, this is the last seat Will will ever need.


2. Make the Trip Full of Happy Surprises

Before you go on your trip, plan a few surprises.  Get new DVDs for the car, download some new apps or get a few little toys to hand out along the way.  Happy kids means happy parents!

3.  Bring An Emergency Kit

Unfortunately not all of the surprises along the way will be happy.  Keep a kid travel emergency kit with paper towels, plastic bags, antibacterial wipes, baby wipes and an extra change of clothes for the kids where you can easily reach them.

If you are traveling by plane, have a back up outfit for everyone in the group.  Trust me, if your child gets sick on the airplane, you're both going to need a change of outfits!

4.  Relax

You've got this!  Take a deep breath and relax.  The kids are going to take their cues from you and if you are cool, calm and collected they will be, too!


Wishing you happy and safe holiday travels!


This post is in partnership with Maxi Cosi.  All opinions are honest and our own.

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