Do you feel utter dread when it is time to take your kid to get a hair cut?  I do.  My three year old thinks a hair cut involves pain and blood no matter how many times we try to explain that it really, honestly does not hurt.

how to cut kids hair at home

This may be my own fault.  When Will was little he had adorable curls and I just couldn't bear the thought of cutting them off.  So we didn't.  The first time he got a hair cut I brought him to my salon and held him on my lap.  We are lucky we both left with both of our eyes.  The next time I went armed with an iPad and his favorite snacks.  He screamed and cried the entire time.

The third hair cut was the worst.  We were actually kicked out of Hair Cuttery.  They said it was a "safety issue" and I don't disagree.  But I had told him we weren't leaving until his hair was cut.  Guess what?  We left and his hair wasn't cut.  We had better luck at Sports Clips where he could get sucked into a basketball game.  It wasn't pretty but a fast cutting stylist got the job done.  That was six months ago.  

how to cut long boy hair

Here we are now with a shaggy looking dude who is past the "surfer" look and just on to discheveled.  He needs a hair cut. The thought of taking him back to a salon literally breaks me out in a sweat.  Will we get kicked out again?  What can I bribe him with?  Can I bring a flask?

The thing is, I like his hair longer.  He likes it longer.  He's not a buzz cut kind of kid.  Long hair suits him but it had gone too far.  I called my husband with a crazy idea.  I'm going to cut Will's hair.  


He asked the basic questions.  Have you ever cut hair? No.  Do you have the right scissors to cut hair? No.  Well, what are you going to do?  I'm going to google it.  I told him worse case scenario I'll bring him in to a salon.  But it can't be much worse than it is now.  The sides were so puffy.

After googling, I found this really handy video on how to cut long boys hair.  I watched once through and then had it on while I was doing the cut.  I picked up my pink handled craft scissors from Target and went for it.

I'm not going to lie.  There still were tears and screams of NOOOOOOOOO! but they were screams in our kitchen with no one else watching and judging.  Eventually he settled down and this is the result.

how to cut long boy hair yourself
DIY boy hair cut
cute boys hair cut
DIY boys hair cut
silly boy photo shoot
DIY boys hair cut in your kitchen
DIY boys hair cut

Good, right?!?!?  He loves his hair!  It's still long-ish and slightly messy, which is him and his personality.  Following the video was easy.  I went in sections, just like she described and then after it was dry I went back in a little.  His hair has a little wave to it still sometimes, so I had to do a little evening out.

mom confession_I cut my son's hair with craft scissors-2.png

In the end, I would totally cut it myself again.  In real life, no one can believe I was the hair stylist on duty.  Thanks, Google!

Do you cut your own kids' hair?  Have any tips?