It's hard to believe but Will turns FOUR today and we celebrated on MAR10Day with the most Super Mario party ever!

Mario birthday party


Last year Will decided to take a trip to the Field Museum to see the dinosaurs instead of having a birthday party so when he decided on a Mario party this year, we knew we were going to really go for it.  This could be our most elaborate party set up ever, and that's saying a lot!  Working with an amazing printable set from Etsy, we lined the walls with blue paper and freehand cut clouds to buffer the wall from the backdrop.  Then we got printing and cutting.  And printing and cutting some more.

Mario party back drop

I have to say, once I got started I just couldn't stop.  It was kind of addicting figuring out what else could say "Power Up!" or have the birthday boy's monogram on it.

super Mario birthday shirt
how to host the most super Mario party ever


Since this party was for the preschool crowd, we kept the time from 2-4pm and had all of Will's favorite snacks along with delicious and adorable cupcakes.  The mini water bottles - which are the only way to go at parties - got wrapped with Power Up labels to make them almost too adorable to drink.

Mario party snacks

Green grapes in glasses became warp pipes and added an extra bit of whimsy to the table.  We also used tall glasses to serve goldfish crackers and yogurt tubes as well.

Mario party snack ideas
super Mario birthday party snacks

Will's absolute favorite snack, the Gogo Squeeze Applesauce, morphed into cute little mushroom and star snacks.

Mario party snack ideas

But my favorite were the cupcakes!  Our local bakery flat iced chocolate and yellow cupcakes and then we used printable cupcake wrappers and cup cake toppers to add the final touches.  

Mario birthday party cupcakes
super mario cupcakes
super Mario cupcakes


Keeping a room full of preschoolers occupied is no easy task. We planned a variety of Mario themed activities to keep the kids occupied and having fun.

Mario party decorations
super Mario decorations

Pass the Chain Chomp

This is just a version of Hot Potato.  We had a plush Chain Chomp on hand but you can use any Mario anything and just pass it around.  If you are holding the item when the music stops, you're out.  To prevent tears, you clap really loud and say "YAYYYYY!" to keep everyone happy.


Super Mario Piñata 

This was a must for the birthday boy.  But since we live in the Midwest and Will's birthday is in March, we were not going to be handing over a big stick to these kids and letting them go wild.  Thankfully the string piñatas are the perfect solution to this problem.

super Mario birthday games

After it seemed like every string was pulled, candy and little Mario toys came flying out on to the floor.  They had a great time scrambling for their favorite items and even made some trades when it was all over.

super Mario piñata

Pin the Mustache on Mario

Another classic with a twist, this is Pin the Tail on the Donkey with a Mario theme!

super Mario birthday party games
Mario birthday games

Yoshi Egg Hunt

The Yoshi Egg hunt was so much fun!  Here's a pro tip:  put on TGIT and pour yourself a glass of wine because drawing white polka dots on green eggs (I know, I know, Yoshi's eggs are white with green dots but it's next to impossible to find white eggs that open so we improvised) takes a really, really long time.

Yoshi eggs

This was not the most difficult egg hunt, but the kids had a blast running through the house collecting the eggs.

Yoshi egg hunt

Mario Photo Booth

Every Mario needs a mustache and a hat!  The kids loved posing with our little photo props for the photo booth.

Mario photo booth
super Mario photo booth

Party Favors

Mario party favors

When guests first arrived they took a Power Up Band and a sticky mustache.  

Mario birthday party

Then not only did the kids get their Yoshi eggs filled with chocolate gold coins and the goodies from the piñata but my mom also made these super adorable Mario candy machines for each guest.

Mario party favors

The candy machines were filled with M&M Minis and had a felt Mario nose and mustache.  They are so cute and everyone went crazy for them!

DIY Mario gumboil machines

Because of the egg hunt and the piñata, we had empty treat bags ready to go for the guests and it was the perfect way to carry everything home.  Thanks to our family and friends for celebrating the big FOUR with Will!  It was a SUPER day!

Mario party goody bags
tons of ideas for your super Mario party