I don't know about you but shopping with my kids isn't always the ideal situation.  I thought that it would get easier as they got older but that has not happened. I have found that there are 5 ways to make shopping easier for both the kids and yourself!



1. Choose a shopping destination that has retail, entertainment and restaurants. The Promenade Bolingbrook is a vibrant open air shopping center located in Bolingbrook, Illinois.  It offers something for everyone in the family! My personal favorite is the iPic Theatres. Its a great place for a date night, girls night out or a chance to watch a great family movie. You can watch a movie in a comfortable recliner with an amazing selection of great food and drinks! How awesome is that?



2. A Shopping Center with Easy Parking. We have all done it before, headed to a large shopping mall with our kids to find that we have to park a thousand miles away! This may be a great way to get your steps in for the day on your fitbit, however is not fun with kids in tow! It will slow down the shopping trip and literally get you off on the wrong foot. When we were at the Promenade Bolinbrook we were able to park as soon as we got there. They have both street parking near your favorite stores as well as in a parking lot.  The best part was everything was in close proximity. If you only need to hit up a store or two you could look at the directory and park as close as possible. This will save you a lot of time and hassle. The kids will thank you!  


3. Cool stores for kids and teens. The best way to get your kids to go shopping with you is to take them to their favorite stores! My kids were excited to go to the Promenade because they had Journey's! They both have a thing for shoes and new backpacks were on the top of their back to school shopping list!  The selection of the hottest Vans, Converse, Toms, New Balance and more was beyond their imagination. Mia tried on at least 10 pairs of shoes! We also were able to hit up Gymboree, Justice, Macy's, DSW, H&M, Francesca's and more while we were there! You can find the entire directory of stores here.

vans for kids



4. Hit up a concert or event with the family. I will admit that I have to be sneaky about shopping for not only the kids but myself. I have found it I tell the family we are going to one of the awesome events they offer at the Promenade such a summer concert or the Farmer's Market. As my family is having fun at the concert, I can sneak away and do some shopping at Loft, Francesca's or Charming Charlie.

bass pro shop


5. Have a reward at the end of the shopping trip. Shopping with a kids especially a boy I have realized they need a reward to complete the shopping trip. Dylan loved being able to explore Bass Pro Shop. The kids and I all enjoyed a delish and refreshing treat at Red Mango! You can find more information about The Promenade Bolingbrook here.

back to school style

Thanks to Promenade Bolingbrook for inviting us to come shop for back to school! All our opinions are honest and our own.

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